Personal Development Programme, puts you on the path to a more fulfilling and abundant life.

The Launchpad will give you knowledge and understanding to increase your capacity for receiving joy and abundance to help you in achieving greater success. It will identifying what you are drawn to and move you along the path of choice and freedom, away for a reactionary addictions of pressures and stress.

The course is 10 weekly modules, delivered as audio recordings that can be listened to and absorbed for maximum results.

Module One: Identify and Eliminate Your Tolerations
Module Two: Protect Yourself with Boundaries
Module Three: Complete Unfinished Business and Release The Past
Module Four: Get Your Needs Met
Module Five: Create Success Habits and Restore Integrity
Module Six: Identify Your Values and Align Yourself
Module Seven: Elevate Your Standards
Module Eight: Building Reserves
Module Nine: Handle the Money
Module Ten: Define Success for You