My name is Anthony Warren.

I help busy people in business to build amazing relationships and successful businesses. Financial freedom is achieved by creating several special assets and nurturing them into several income streams that take care of everyday expenses. I found that there are many obstacles and distractions placed in the way of people trying to achieve that. There are powerful forces that encourage the belief that your role is to be a cog in the system that keeps people trapped in jobs that give them just enough resource to lead a respectable life and not enough money nor creativity to allow real freedom. In my view, the system has been broken for years and recent events have made it even clearer.

I know first-hand how much effort you may be making to honor everybody in your family, to be someone that your parents and/or others view as being a good citizen or member of society. However you increasingly find you are working harder and harder just to survive, let alone make any progress towards your dreams.  You would dearly love to be giving your family the best of you instead of what is left over at the end of the day after giving your energy to strangers at work.

Like many people I devoted my early career to being as conscientious and hard-working as I could be. After a successful climb up the corporate success ladder I got to one of the world’s biggest jobs, I then started the then new activity of business coaching and built up a successful business. All seemed to be going well. Then suddenly fate intervened in the form of a stroke. The blood supply to my brain was temporarily cut off.  Suddenly I couldn’t walk, talk, earn a living or do anything except lie in a hospital bed looking at the ceiling for few weeks.  I had to face the possibility that I might never be able to do things as simple as play football with my children, or lovingly hold my wife. It might never be able to function again in business, or even participate in family gatherings.

One night I lay in my hospital bed and had the bleak thought that my business had virtually ended overnight.  Yet I was still young with decades to go before retirement, and I wouldn’t even be able to afford to retire. So I started thinking about what could I do that would be useful in some way. I then reflected on my experience of working with successful business owners and executives. I’d found that often the coaching session would be discussing the problems of the day, agreeing what needed to be done, then the business owner would say something like, “OK that few minutes’ work sorts out what to do with the business, but for the remaining time, I need your input on how to improve my relationship with my wife/husband/partner/in-laws.” I reflected that this conversation happened with clients from all over, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. I already had noticed how people talked about family as important but actually didn’t know what to do about making it important.

I realised that for many people they were too busy working to begin to have view of how their marriage was working nor how it should work. I also found that many people felt their marriage wasn’t working but didn’t know how to change it.  Sometimes they stopped working at it and got divorced as they just wanted the pain of to stop but didn’t see how else they could do it.

I was troubled at how many people didn’t know how to have a better relationship so I dug up some notes from workshops I had done about having better male/female communication and I looked at what people were doing to make their marriages work better. I already knew we as humans don’t rise to the level of our dreams, instead we rise to the level of our systems. That began my work on the path of creating better marriages through practical “in-the- trenches” insights, practices, advice and coaching. My wife and I have an amazing, joyful, highly connected union of souls and we have worked through training, experience, life’s curved balls and coaching others to know how to support others through our programs to achieve the joy, freedom, business success and connection that they want.

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European Product VP, FMCG

“Working with Anthony has been a very productive experience due to his bias towards action, great listening skills and insights. He has a big network of contacts and is happy to act as a hub to connect people and find opportunities for all involved.”

European Product VP, FMCG 2

“Working with Anthony has been a very productive experience due to his bias towards action, great listening skills and insights. He has a big network of contacts and is happy to act as a hub to connect people and find opportunities for all involved.”

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