Live Coaching: Install the Internal Mindset and Set Up the External Actions to Boost Your Income as a Business Professional

I know how it feels working hard to provide for yourself and our family. It can feel like every day fighting with competitors who will do anything including cutting corners to win business. Then that new sale is only too ready to disappear at the drop of a hat to people making unethical claims and charging silly prices.

So, you know that anyone can sell by charging lower prices, yet struggle how to show you are worth being a business partner to someone professional in today’s market. Then there is the subtle or not-so-subtle message that your beloved is actually feeling neglected, or that you should somehow be making better money and yet support family events. I do, I really “get it”.

Some days you feel like the magician spinning plates on vertical poles in front of an audience. No matter how hard you run to and fro it seems that everyone sees the one you haven’t yet got to and is screaming for you to rescue it and give it a spin.

Now it might be that you feel frustrated because you genuinely believe you can charge $1000 – $5000 for a piece of coaching or consulting and get great results but you are stuck selling courses at $300 or even less?

It’s tempting to get business by charging something low so that they can try you and find you are all you claim. Perhaps if you do a no-brainer low price they will be amazed at your value and buy more and more until you are the “chosen one”. Still today there are those suggesting that a couple of cheap programs and giveaways can be parleyed into a serious business relationship.

What I’ve discovered is that when clients invest at a much higher level, let’s say $1000 – $5000, they have “skin in the game”.

That means that they are personally invested, they have their own money on the line, and because of that, they will work HARDER to get results, and frankly, that’s really good for me, the coach.
You see, I don’t want anyone to fail if they work with me.
But if I make it easy to fail or give up, most will.

So by making the price tag high enough that they have skin in the game and something to lose (including their spouse’s wrath), they are more likely to actually DO the work, and get the results.
And that’s what YOU are looking for, isn’t?

So what I’ve discovered works really well is having 3 levels of interaction with you, with your $2000 program being the LOWEST price you offer.
So instead of pushing people through a stair step funnel that starts low and takes 6 months before they get to the $2000 level, I START with $2000 or more at the lowest level, and surprisingly enough, conversion rates are high.

Here is how that works:

Instead of needing hundreds of prospects who buy at $7 for an e-book then upgrade to a $27 e-book or mini-course and so on and so on until FINALLY six long months later, they FINALLY invest $2000, instead I start at $2000 and so its easier to get real business going.

Question: what if instead of a 6-month delay, prospects could make their FIRST purchase with you at $2000? Instead of 1000s of leads, you could likely generate several $2000 clients with just a few hundred leads each month. How would that feel? Would you like to do this in your business?

So, if you want to do this in your business, it’s amazing what happens when each sale that comes into your business is $2000 instead of $10 or even $100.
Imagine having just 50 clients, learning together in mastermind or coaching program, and having each client invest $2000.
Now, I believe personally that this is a powerful coaching model that changes lives and makes you a good income, and it’s the same model as I use in my business for my core offer.

So I’ve decided to hold a limited access 5-person High Intensity Mastermind where over 12 weeks I will teach you sequentially how do this entire process:

  • How to Create a Powerful $2000 Front End Offers That Converts
  • How to Create an Automated Mini-Webinar That Converts Those $2000 Clients Passively
  • Step by Step What to Include in YOUR Coaching Program
  • How to Create a Higher Ticket Mastermind
  • How to Upsell $2000 Clients on your higher priced Masterminds and 1-1 Coaching
  • And much, much more

During the next 12 weeks, you are going to sequentially learn – AND IMPLEMENT so that at the end of the 12 weeks, you will have an operating $2000 offer.
Because this is a closed door, 5-person Mastermind for 12 weeks, instead of $40,000 for the same training if it were 1-1, I’ve decided to make this closed door program just $20,000.

Now, my guess is that if this is the first time you’ve seen this offer, it’s an amazing training program and you’d really like to do it, but you aren’t quite ready to invest.
I get it.

This is my highest level training program, and therefore the most expensive. If you have any questions for me, please shoot me an email.